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Dota 2 Coaching

Dota is one of the worlds most complex games. Some people compare Dota to a more advanced version of chess. In order to exceed in Dota 2 you need deep knowledge of the game - reactions is far down the list of the most important aspects. In fact Dota is one of the games with the oldest esport professionals. What do you gain with age? Experience and knowledge.

Rapidly gain MMR

Mindlessly playing thousands of matches of Dota usually results in a gain in MMR. But mindfully analysing your playstyle and getting help from a professional Dota Coach, who has already spent thousands of hours of training - will skyrocket the speed in which you can improve in Dota. Why re-invent the wheel? After Dota's almost 20 years of existence, the most optimal way of winning is already relatively figured out. Now it's up to you to take part of that knowledge.

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Replay Analyzis

One of the most efficient methods of rapidly climbing in MMR is to analyze your replays. But what's even better? Having a dota coach analyze your game as well. So you can re-watch it and understand on a deeper more advanced level. On Dota Coach you can submit your replays for review - or review lower mmr player's matches yourself! Together we can grow a strong community, give it a try!

Free Dota 2 Coaching is a community with both paid coaches and free coaches. is the perfect place to begin your journey into the coaching world. A lot of the biggest coaching sites does not allow free coaches. So we wanted to create a space where players can grow, analyze replays, earn rating, reviews, and build their coaching career from the ground up.

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